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OVERVIEW: UVR founders fathered UV-C energy’s modern application in HVAC/R equipment, from patent writing to orientation/application suitability and correctness. To date, commercial, healthcare, government and residential applications have all benefited from the cleaning power of UV-C.

The company was among the earliest to bring UV-C to air conditioning equipment and develop modern sizing and efficacy software for all air conveyance systems. Its founding executives wrote or co-wrote 17 patents and have co-authored several ASHRAE Handbook chapters related to ultraviolet air and surface treatment.

Its central mission of sharing UV knowledge and leadership with heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) markets worldwide has spurred UV Resources to continuously provide the most affordable, reliable and accessible UV-C products.

An active member of ASHRAE, UV Resources manages to simplify the proper sizing and application of UV-C equipment in HVAC/R systems and minimize the costs associated with initial purchase, maintenance and operation. An average equipment cost of less than $0.15 per cfm allows more facilities, occupants and staffs to benefit from the technology’s energy-efficiency, comfort and health benefits.

UV BENEFITS: Light in the UV-C germicidal wavelength can reliably provide cleaner, healthier air by preventing microbial buildup in HVAC/R cooling coils, drain pans, air filters and duct surfaces. Its proper application results in improved heat-transfer efficiency and reduced odor, maintenance and energy use. These effects can also lower the incidence of airborne allergies, colds and flu, resulting in reduced absenteeism.

Equally important, the technology sustains the installed capacity of an air conditioning system while improving the quality of air serving indoor spaces. This helps extend the life of the equipment and avoid the increased costs associated with an aging, inefficient system.

APPLICATION EASE: UV Resources’ products have been specifically designed to minimize product and installation costs for everything from large, custom-built air handlers to smaller roof-top package units. For larger units, the RLM Xtreme system combines name-brand UV-C components in a simple, flexible and affordable design that’s easily configurable to fit into most any plenum and is ideal for both new and retrofit applications. The X-Plus extended UV-C lamp-base series is ideal for hard-to-access outdoor and indoor HVAC/R equipment up to 30 tons, including rooftop package units, through-the-wall, or fan coil units.

HISTORY: The concept for UV Resources dates back to 1995, when the late Forrest Fencl, who was a 40-year veteran of HVAC/R air treatment, founded Steril-Aire of Cerritos, Calif., and is credited for pioneering the modern application of UV-C energy in HVAC/R equipment. Specifically, Fencl and his team led the way to coil irradiation and optimized UV-C effectiveness in the hostile cold and fast-moving air of HVAC/R systems. To capitalize on his UV-C technological discoveries and industry patents, Fencl, along with Daniel Jones and Dean Saputa, formed UV-Resources in 2005. Today, under Jones’ leadership, the company is at the forefront of development and engineering of UV technology for HVAC/R equipment and applications.

HEADQUARTERS: Santa Clarita, Calif.


  • President Daniel Jones has almost 20 years of experience in the HVAC/R industry, with an emphasis in the microbial treatment and control of surface and airstreams and the decontamination of organic materials using UV-C technology. He is a corresponding member of ASHRAE, TC-2.9 (Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment) and ASHRAE, SPC-185.2 (Method of Testing Ultraviolet Lamps) and has authored articles on the benefits of UV-C irradiation.
  • VP Sales Dean A. Saputa has worked with HVAC/R equipment and various air cleaning and treatment technologies for more than 25 years. He is the recent past chair of ASHRAE, TC-2.9 (Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment) and past chair of ASHRAE/ANSI standard 185.1-2015 and BSR/ASHRAE Standard 185.2-2014 (Method of Testing Ultraviolet Lamps). He has also contributed to the development of ASHRAE handbooks and position documents pertaining to Ultraviolet Germicidal energy.


  • Healthcare Applications
  • Clean Rooms
  • Commercial Applications
  • Correctional and High-Security Applications
  • Educational Facilities
  • Single- and Multi-family Residences
  • Food Production
  • Government and Municipal Buildings
  • Industrial Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Defense and Homeland Security
  • Light Commercial

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For more information, call 877-884-4822; or visit http://www.UVResources.com.

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Revised: January 2018

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