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UV Resources Becomes an Approved Provider of Continuing Education Courses for the Practicing Institute of Engineering

Course Offers Licensed Professional Engineers Strategies to Create Cleaner, More Energy Efficient HVAC/R Systems

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UV Resources RLM XTREME UV-C System — The Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc., (PIE) has named UV Resources a continuing education training provider for the organization, which serves the professional development needs of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. UV Resources is a leader in the education, application and engineering of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) solutions that improve air quality, boost airflow and reduce energy consumption.

As an approved training provider, UV Resources will offer coursework for the professional organization’s 1,500 licensed Professional Engineers (PEs), certified Engineers in Training (EITs) and engineering students throughout New York. Licensed PEs in New York are required to complete 36 hours of continuing education during each three-year registration period in order to maintain their professional credentials.

The one-hour training course offered by UV Resources, “UV-C Energy for Surface and Air Contaminant Control in HVAC&R Equipment,” addresses how engineers can leverage UV-C for job benefits in various air handling applications.

The course explores ASHRAE’s findings about how the UV-C wavelength is used to not only kill microbial contaminants, but how it also improves, maintains and assures A/C system performance while reducing system maintenance and energy consumption.

"Widely embraced in the 1990s to improve indoor air quality, many engineers now know UV-C as a means of cost effectively boosting a multitude of efficiencies," says Forrest Fencl, president of UV Resources and writer of 12 UV-C industry application patents.

There is no charge for the course, which can be delivered in person by trained UV Resources representatives.

Local ASHRAE chapters or trade organizations across the country can request this specialized training, by contacting Dan Jones at dan.jones@uvresources.com.

UV Resources (UVR) is a leader in the education, design and innovative engineering of affordable ultraviolet-C (UV-C) equipment for a variety of commercial, healthcare, government and residential HVACR applications. In addition to developing new and unique UV products for specific applications, UVR team members were among the first to develop modern sizing and efficacy software for air conveyance systems and regularly consult with both OEM and government-sponsored, UV-related entities. UVR is an active member of ASHRAE, Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). For more information, call 877-UV4-HVAC (884-4822); or visit www.UVResources.com.

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UVR High-Output GLO™ Upper Air Germicidal UV Fixture UVR High-Output GLO™ Upper Air Germicidal UV Fixture

A new training course will help professional engineers learn more about the how and why Ultraviolet-C energy is used in HVAC/R applications

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