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SLX High Output Ultraviolet Fixture Provides Flexible HVAC Installation for High Airborne Kill Rates

Single UV-C Lamp Fixture from UV Resources Easily Installs in Light Commercial or Residential Applications

The SLX high output ultraviolet fixture from UV Resources efficiently and affordably disinfects HVACR airstreams, cooling coils and drain pans to keep them free of infection-causing and efficiency-robbing microorganisms and organic matter. Read more...

UV Resources Becomes an Approved Provider of Continuing Education Courses for Florida Board of Professional Engineers

Course Offers Licensed Professional Engineers Strategies to Create Cleaner, More Energy Efficient HVAC/R Systems

The Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE) has approved UV Resources as a Continuing Education Provider for the organization, which regulates the practice of engineering in the state. Read more...

HVAC/R Installation Kit from UV Resources Streamlines Ultraviolet Lamp Fixture Mounting

The new UV-C Fixture Installation Kit from UV Resources provides extruded aluminum vertical supports designed to speed contractor installation of Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps in HVAC/R systems. Read more...





UV-C Lamp Meter from UV Resources Ends Replacement Uncertainty for Building Engineers

Lamp Hour Meter Tracks Lamp Life; Links to BMS Systems

A new Ultraviolet-C germicidal (UV-C) Lamp Hour Meter from UV Resources alerts building engineers to potential disruptions to the efficiency-boosting technology’s benefits, including decreasing HVAC energy costs by an average of 10-25 percent. Read more...

UV Resources Adds Prewired Safety Controller to RLM XTREME UV-C System, Improves Operator Protection

Prewired, 24-volt Contact Controller employs a series of interlock switches to de-energize the UV lamps when an access door/panel is opened

UV Resources has upgraded its RLM Xtreme fixtureless ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp system to include its new 24-volt Contact Controller. The prewired controller streamlines UV-C system installation, cutting time by up to 50 percent and improving safety. Read more...





RLM Small Systems Ultraviolet Lamp Kit from UV Resources Improves Air Quality and Overall HVAC System Efficiency

Designed for smaller, hard-to-service HVAC components, the S/S Kit inactivates efficiency-compromising microbes that accumulate in the system.

The Remote Lamp Mount (RLM) Small Systems (S/S) ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp fixture kit from UV Resources delivers ultraviolet energy to destroy coil/drain pan microbial infestations and disinfect moving air streams in hard-to-service fan coil units, package (PTAC) units and heat pump systems. By inactivating these microbes, the UV small systems kit helps prevent coil inefficiencies, drain pan overflow and foul odors. Read more...





New Literature from UV Resources Examines UV-C for Dental Offices

UV Resources now offers literature examining the benefits of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in disinfecting air in dental offices and other healthcare facilities. Read more...

HVAC Industry Loses Forrest Fencl, Ultraviolet Treatment Pioneer

UV Resources CEO and ASHRAE Life Member Developed the Modern Application of Ultraviolet Energy for the HVAC&R Industry

Forrest B. Fencl, chief executive and co-founder of UV Resources, passed away on Saturday, August 1, at his home after a courageous battle with cancer. He was 72 years old. Read more...

Ultraviolet Air Purifier Brings HVAC Efficiency, Clean Air to Residential and Light Commercial Applications

Ideal Add-On for Service/Install Contractors Provides Low-Cost UV Protection

The 24-volt Hornet™ ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp fixture from UV Resources can be easily installed in most any residential and light commercial HVAC system to provide cleaner, healthier air; improve airflow and heat-exchange efficiency levels, which can reduce energy use. Read more...

UV Resources Redesigns Website, Launches Mobile App Offering Enhanced Project-Planning and Product-Selection Features

New Mobile App Helps HVAC Contractors and Building Engineers Properly Size UV-C System

UV Resources, a leader in ultraviolet-C equipment for HVACR systems, recently unveiled a new website and sizing app, designed to streamline the selection of ultraviolet irradiation devices. Read more...





UV-Com™ Control Panel Monitors Multiple Ultraviolet (UV) fixtures

The UV-Com™ Control Panel from UV Resources provides a convenient means of monitoring multiple Ultraviolet “C” (UV-C) fixtures installed in individual air handling units (AHUs). The UV-Com easily automates the conventional means of “manually checking” that lamps and ballasts are operational and communicates this lamp status to most building automation/management systems (BAS/BMS). A single UV-Com control panel can simultaneously monitor up to eight separate UV-C fixtures. Multiple UV-Com panels can be linked together in a daisy-chain sequence in order to monitor as many individual UV-C fixtures as necessary. Read more...

UV Resources Becomes an Approved Provider of Continuing Education Courses for the Practicing Institute of Engineering

Course Offers Licensed Professional Engineers Strategies to Create Cleaner, More Energy Efficient HVAC/R Systems

The Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc., (PIE) has named UV Resources a continuing education training provider for the organization, which serves the professional development needs of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. UV Resources is a leader in the education, application and engineering of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) solutions that improve air quality, boost airflow and reduce energy consumption. Read more...

New Upper Air Germicidal UV-C Light Fixture Offers Industry’s Highest Ultraviolet Dosage to Destroy Airborne Viruses & Bacteria

Stand-Alone, Wall-Mounted Unit Delivers up to 350% More Coverage For Greater Infection Control, Lower Costs

The High-Output GLO™ Upper Air Germicidal UV Fixture from UV Resources provides the industry’s greatest amount of Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) energy fluence, or dosage, without the use of additional power, heat or special UV lamps. Read more...






Small but Mighty: Stinger 24V UV-C Light System Ideal for 3-ton-or-smaller Commercial HVAC Units

This 18-Watt, Externally Mounted UV Fixture is Designed to Kill Surface Mold and Bacteria, Restore System Efficiency and Reduce Maintenance on Hard-To-Access Equipment

The Stinger UV-C fixturing from UV Resources is designed to efficiently destroy surface microbes and degrade organic materials that impede HVAC system efficiency, as well as contribute to allergies, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and airborne-transmitted disease. Stinger keeps coils and drain pans clean and working, often without additional maintenance. Read more...

High-Output Commercial UV-C Fixture/Lamp Provides up to Twice the Ultraviolet Energy at Half the Cost of Conventional Units

Plug-n-Play, Water Resistant Connections for Fast, Simple and Reliable UV-C Lamp Installations

High-Output DEF (Double Ended Fixture) ultraviolet lamp series from UV Resources can be easily installed anywhere in most any HVAC system to destroy coil/drain pan microbial infestations and disinfect moving air streams. Read more...

X-Plus UV-C NEMA 4X Fixture/Lamp Updated to Fit More Air Handling Units

Economical, Extended UV-C Lamp-base Improves Placement/Performance and Easily Installs in Almost Any Commercial or Industrial HVAC System

The redesigned X-Plus UV fixture from UV Resources accommodates 17- to 61-inch extended base lamps, which easily mount from the exterior of any HVAC system, air handler, plenum or duct, making it a low-cost, reliable and quickly serviceable unit favored by contractors. Read more...

UV Resources RLM XTREME UV-C System Improves Air Quality and Overall HVAC System Efficiency

Flexible, affordable and easy-to-install lamp system boosts energy efficiency and IAQ by destroying mold, bacteria and microbes in demanding, high-volume HVAC environments

The UV Resources RLM Xtreme fixtureless UV-C lamp system delivers high-output ultraviolet energy to irradiate coils and destroy mold, bacteria and microbes in demanding, high-volume HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) environments. This modern UV-C system is designed to help improve air quality, while creating a more energy-efficient HVAC system that does not need to waste energy to distribute properly conditioned air to the space. Read more...


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LAX Airport Enhances Passenger Health and Restores HVAC System Performance Through Ultraviolet-C Technology

LAX takes a proactive approach to providing better air quality for millions of travelers; boosts HVAC efficiency and reduces energy consumption using UV-C energy. Move has potential to save $180,000 annually.

With nine terminals totaling several million square feet of floor space, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is massive. It’s also crowded: the 75 million passengers who passed through it in 2015 made it the world's seventh busiest airport. Read more...


Community College Combats Infection with Ultraviolet Upper Air Technology

Facility manager deploys Ultraviolet-C technology to maximize infection control and protect students’ health across campus

As the winter months approach each year, the threat of cold and flu lingers in the back of everyone’s mind. No place is this truer than schools and universities, where thousands of students, faculty and staff congregate, bringing their germs with them. Read more...


South Florida Class A Commercial Building Illuminates the Advantages of UV Lighting For HVACR Systems

Ultraviolet-C technology transforms HVAC system performance; yields 47 percent increase in airflow; 90-day payback period and cleaner, healthier air for commercial tenants

When you compete for premier office tenants in a high-rent market like south Florida, your building better have the best finishes and systems to stand out from the competition. That’s an ongoing challenge that motivates Bunnie Willis in her role as Vice President, Senior Property Manager for the 12-story BayView Corporate Tower in Fort Lauderdale. Built in 1973, the 412,000 sq. ft. Class A building houses 13 corporate tenants, including AT&T, Whole Foods and Landmark Worldwide. Read more...


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